Water Testing Near Me


Here at H2O Solutions, we offer free water testing for family homes and businesses. We use the latest in technology to inspect your water. Our test results will tell us everything you need to know about your water, then we will tell you what we can do to make that water perfect.

The majority of our body is water so drinking clean water is very important for our health. Our body also absorbs water when we shower, and wash our hands or face.



What does a water test test for?

A WQI test is a test that measures the presence and amount of certain germs in water. In most cases, the presence of WQIs is not the cause of sickness; however, they are easy to test for and their presence may indicate the presence of sewage and other disease-causing germs from human and/or animal feces.

Why is water quality important?

Poor water quality has its most direct impact on aquatic wildlife, particularly fish, bugs, and plants. Excess nutrients, sediment, road salt, and other contaminants can reduce the variety and hardiness of organisms living in the state's waters.

What is water hardness?

The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium.

How do you know if water is contaminated?

Cloudy. Don't drink your water if it appears cloudy. Sediment. Brown or Orange Hue. Oily Film atop Standing Water. Chlorine Scent. Sulfur Scent. Metallic Taste. Rusted Silverware.

What is a pH in water?

pH is a measure of how acidic/basic water is. The range goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. pHs of less than 7 indicate acidity, whereas a pH of greater than 7 indicates a base. pH is a measure of the relative amount of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in the water.

What happens if you drink old water?

If ingested regularly, these plastic compounds can slowly accumulate in your body, which could harm gut health, immunity, and respiratory function ( 8 , 9 ). Additionally, bottled water that's carbonated may eventually become flat, losing its carbonation and developing an off taste.